For Public classes, we are currently offering blended training and on-demand virtual training using our Moodle LMS.

A “Blended class” will mix webinar classes and review sessions with the on-demand videos as a foundation. This way the training can be modularized and can be structured to fit the students’ schedules. Students need to be very focused and disciplined, and follow-through on all the assignments. Students also have a “life-line,” so they can get quickly get answers to questions they pose. We will provide same-day response to any such questions.

Pricing for Blended Public Training:

The price for the blended public class per student is $399

Key Benefits
  • Lower price than a traditional class .
  • The training schedule is modularized to fit students’ schedules better. .
  • These classes will typically combine on-demand video training with four review sessions (“flipped classroom” structure) of 90 minutes each. The review sessions will be web-based – (using GoToMeeting or Zoom). Students will have access to an instructor to obtain responses to any questions within 24 hours..
  • The Moodle LMS plus downloadable MP3 audio files gives students the option of “PMI-ACP® Training on the Go!” Students will be able to listen to the audio portions of videos and summary audio MP3 files on their phones while in their cars on long drives, commutes, or other. .
  • The training will typically be scheduled over two weeks. .
  • We think in today’s world, project managers are finding it increasingly difficult to take time away from the office to attend a traditional class, so a blended solution where the training can be modularized, but still provide personalized instructor assistance can be an effective solution.

Open Enrollment - 60 days. (Standalone with no instructor or other personal assistance.) This is the “Version Six Project Management Professional (PMP®) Virtual Training” course. The key benefit for the on-demand public class is the lower price, the ease of use and access, and the fact that all training can be modularized to accommodate the student’s schedule.

Pricing for On-Demand Public Training:

The price for the on-demand public class per student is $159 for sixty days of access to the Moodle LMS.

Key Benefits
  • The key benefit of this option is the lower price.
  • Students can modularize the training to suit their busy schedule.
  • This option provides all the benefits of the Moodle LMS (virtual training website) described above for the “blended training option.” For example, the MP3 audio files provide students the option for “PMP® Training on the Go!” Students will be able to listen to the audio portions of videos and summary audio MP3 files on their phones while in their cars on long drives, commutes, or other.
Each student will be provided:
  • A PDF of the student manual with copies of all slides, and exercises and quizzes. (The manual is currently a bound 392-page book.)
  • A PDF of the “Key Input, Tools-Techniques, Outputs” document. (Many students have remarked this was one of their most useful documents for preparing for the exam.)
  • A PDF of the “Key Equation Sheet” (“Brain Dump” Sheet)
  • A three-month license to the web based tests.
  • 60-day access to our “Moodle LMS” virtual training website. This contains videos of all course materials covered in our four-day classes. We have recorded YouTube videos for all 476 slides used in the class. This comprises more than 35 hours of recorded video, more than 750 quiz questions, and more than 500 flash cards. The videos can be viewed – (or listened to) – on laptops or smartphones. Students will be able to quickly navigate to specific presentations on processes in knowledge areas, and other course materials. Additionally, we are using a “Khan Academy” style approach, and the videos and audio presentations have been modularized to be 7-10-minute segments, and after every two to three segments, a short quiz is provided that covers the materials in the preceding segments.

We have also created MP3 Audio summaries of all the Knowledge Areas and sections for the course. Most of the summaries are 50 minutes to 1 hour in length. Students can listen to these on their smart phone.

Student responsibilities:
  • Each student will be responsible for completing their applications for the PMP® Prep class with PMI®. Best Practices Team will provide a document, “PMP® Application Help” that will provide excellent help for students filling out the application, and examples.
  • Students will be responsible for paying for the exam with PMI®, and scheduling the test.